Policies and Procedures

A key aspect of any relationship is letting both sides know what to expect of each other and to draw the boundaries on what is and is not acceptable.

This is definitely true in any employment relationship. A contract of employment spells out what the employer wants the employee to do. Arguably, it is the employer’s policies and procedures which tell the employee how to do it. Without a robust and considered suite of policies in place, there is scope for inconsistency, disharmony, unfairness and even discrimination.

Our Employment Team has many years’ experience assisting different clients in a broad spectrum of industries and sectors in drafting and implementing policies that will ensure all employees are treated consistently and fairly. We are regularly asked to review entire handbooks to make sure they are fit for purpose and comply with the latest developments in the law and we also ensure that they suit our clients’ needs from a practical and operational perspective.

In addition to more “traditional” policies and procedures (such as disciplinary, grievance and sickness absence procedures), we keep our finger on the pulse of legislative and cultural developments – working with other departments across our firm, such as our Regulatory and Intellectual Property Teams, we have recently helped many clients to put in place anti-Bribery and anti-Corruption and Social Media policies, together with updated family rights and agency worker policies.

We also appreciate that policies count for little if they are not understood or implemented when called upon. Our Team of experts therefore regularly provide bespoke in-house training and seminars on a wide variety of policies and procedures, together with refresher sessions on practical application and legal developments.