Joint Ventures

Joint ventures have long been used as a way of structuring a relationship to allow participants to pursue a common business opportunity. The escalating size of projects coupled with, in recent years, the lack of funding availability has seen a marked increase in the use of joint ventures and other forms of collaborations and strategic alliances.

The Corporate Team at Walker Morris has many years’ experience of acting on behalf of clients entering into joint ventures within both the private and public sectors and we have the knowledge and skills needed to protect your interests and enable you to get the most out of the arrangement, whether it is a multi million pound joint venture or a simple contractual agreement.

Creating the right structure is key to success. Our Corporate Team will use its extensive experience to work with you to plan and document the joint venture, helping to create a structure which not only meets the technical, operational, financial, accounting, regulatory, legal and tax requirements of the venture but also properly reflects the underlying commercial objectives of the participants.