Fraud and Asset Recovery

Whilst many businesses are struggling to keep afloat during the economic downturn, fraud and financial security are often low down on a company’s list of priorities. However, businesses should not ignore the importance of protecting themselves against fraud, especially in light of continued evidence which demonstrates an increase in fraudulent activity during the credit crunch. The statistic that 48% of companies have actually suffered fraudulent losses illustrates why it should be high up any compliance agenda.

We have extensive experience in handling the regulatory, data protection, IP, governance, HR and loss recovery issues which arise from fraud, whether involving employees, suppliers, business partners or others. We specialise in seeking injunctions from the courts at short notice, including asset freezing orders, orders for the delivery up of assets or wrongly retained confidential information, as well as search and seizure orders. This means that we are well placed to maximise the prospect of a successful outcome for our clients and to preserve the value of their business and assets

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