Football Rules and Regulations

The Walker Morris Sports Group has a wealth of experience advising on football rules and regulations particularly in relation to domestic and international loan and transfer agreements, player contracts, image rights agreements, intermediary agreements and supporting clubs in-house by performing contractual reviews.


The Group has extensive experience assisting clubs in navigating the transfer process and ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of FIFA, The FA and the Premier League/EFL. We advise on drafting loan agreements and transfer agreements for both the purchase and sale of players, drafting specific detailed clauses within, advising on third party ownership issues and ensuring the deal remains within the strict deadlines of the transfer window.

We also advise clubs on disputes relating to transfer agreements and the process for formally resolving a dispute via the relevant league or FA Rule K arbitration. We can also assist when compensation is due for an out-of-contract player and this cannot be agreed between the clubs and a Professional Football Compensation Committee is required.

Player contracts

We assist clients with drafting playing contracts and pre-contract agreements as well as on specific terms and clauses that might be required by a club or player ensuring at all times compliance with FA and Premier League/EFL rules and regulations.

Image Rights contracts

We have experience advising on image rights contracts and the alterations that are required to the standard playing contract when these type of arrangements are entered into. We can also advise on the record keeping that is required to ensure that clubs can demonstrate to HMRC the genuine commercial benefit that they are receiving from the contract.


We work closely with clubs and intermediaries on compliance with FA and FIFA regulations, their relationships with each other, drafts agreements between clubs and intermediaries and tripartite agreements between a club, player and intermediary. We can assist on providing clarity as to what activities fall under the definition of intermediary activity which thereby requires a club to use an intermediary that is registered with the FA.

Further to the changes to the regulations in this area in 2015, the standard form intermediary contracts produced by The FA are very basic agreements which do not provide anywhere near the level of detail that was previously included. We can advise both clubs and intermediaries of how to strengthen these agreements.

Contractual review

The Group has experience of reviewing full sets of clubs’ contractual documentation relating to players to ensure compliance with football rules and regulations. We can provide a qualified solicitor to come in-house to clubs to help identify any issues and improve a club’s position in relation to clearer drafting of these documents going forward.

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