Equality and Discrimination

The promotion of equality and the fight against discrimination have rightly become some of the most important and developing areas of employment law. As such, they should always be at the forefront of a business’s approach to their employees, their customers and society in general. Actively encouraging equality and recognition of diversity in the workplace can be highly beneficial in making for a more content, coherent and productive workforce. Failing to abide by legal requirements, however, can cause a great deal of unrest and may lead to disastrous financial and reputational penalties.

Our job at Walker Morris is to help you understand what you should be doing; advise you how to prevent unlawful behaviour and to assist you with dealing with problems when they arise. We offer a complete service as follows:

  • at the outset of any employment relationship, we provide guidance on advertising for staff and the recruitment process itself
  • during that relationship, we help businesses put in place and enforce policies relating to how they treat their staff and the provisions they make for them, how their staff treat one another and how the business as a whole interacts with its customers and other parties
  • we know the warning signs and help clients to identify and manage risk areas at the earliest opportunity
  • we advise on ‘tricky’ situations, such as managing conflicting rights
  • as it can sometimes be quite a challenge to decide whether discriminatory behaviour has taken place – we make sense of the problem
  • where litigation has become unavoidable, we do what is necessary to protect our clients’ position.

In addition, together with our Commercial Dispute Resolution and Public Sector Teams, we also advise many local councils nationwide as to the steps they need to take to comply with Equality legislation, both internally in respect of their employees and externally in respect of their stakeholders, their suppliers and their contractors.