Our Energy, Infrastructure & Government Group is active in this area and ensures that, as well as keeping up with the latest policy and regulatory changes, it provides expert advice to clients operating in the electricity sector. In addition to our renewables work, we have recently acted in the following areas:

  • Power networks: We advised a consortium, comprising a leading US energy from waste company and a large UK utility company, on a project involving an energy from waste solution with a private wire network proposed to supply power to businesses close to the site of the new facility and any excess power being spilled onto the local electricity grid. In addition to regulatory advice and advice on the relevant grid connection agreement, the team advised on the terms and conditions relating to the provision of the network and the supply of heat and power.
  • Grid connections: The Renewables, Energy & Resources Group has recently advised one of our major energy clients on the proposed connection and construction agreements between our client and National Grid in relation to a proposed new 1600 MW multi-fuel power station fuelled by coal and biomass with carbon capture and storage technology. In addition, we have recently advised a wind client on its grid connection offer from one of the UK distribution network operators, with the additional issues associated with the offer becoming interactive. We also advised a wind farm developer on a novel grid connection sharing arrangement with a renewable energy generator on an adjacent site.
  • Balancing services: We have advised Infinis, the UK’s leading generator of purely renewable power, on its participation in National Grid’s Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) process. This involved advising the client on the terms of the STOR contracts and the tender process Infinis would have to participate in if it wished to take advantage of the STOR arrangements. In addition, advice was required on the practical aspects of STOR to ensure that the client was aware of its obligations and able to deliver the STOR service when called upon to do so.
  • Power purchase agreements: In large scale projects, the terms of the power purchase agreement (PPA) are vital to ensure that the project is viable. We have acted for buyers and sellers of power under PPAs, and so understand both sides of the contract structure. This means we can ensure that you get the best advice on the terms of the agreement for your project, maximising the benefits and minimising the risks. We have advised both power sellers and purchasers, including a large licensed electricity supplier on all aspects of PPAs.
  • Electricity Market Reform (EMR): This is one of Government’s central energy policies, with three key aims – to keep the lights on, to keep energy bills affordable, and to decarbonise energy generation. EMR is one of the biggest changes to the electricity industry since privatisation in 1989, and presents both opportunities and challenges for those involved in the sector (whether developers, generators, suppliers or investors). Our Group has in-depth knowledge of the regulatory aspects of the sector and can guide you through the detail of EMR, ensuring that you are best placed to make the most of the opportunities presented by the reforms.

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