Business Protection

Trust and confidence are at the heart of any employment relationship. Our Team of highly-experienced employment experts is dedicated to doing everything it can to help our clients to safeguard these key elements.

We are however realists. We recognise that our clients need to protect the essence of their businesses – that which makes them stand out from the crowd – and that some employees will seek to use information, ideas and inventions that do not belong to them for their own ends.

We advise our clients from the outset of any new employment relationship (in whatever guise) on the steps they can take to protect their interests. Our work regularly includes drafting contract clauses relating to intellectual property rights, confidentiality and restrictive covenants. Our detailed knowledge of current legal principles and high-level debate in such fields enables us to craft bespoke provisions to fit any situation, whilst also advising on what can and cannot work.

Our Employment Team has also acted on many occasions to enforce such rights when people try to flout them. Together with our colleagues in our Commercial, Commercial Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property Teams, we have brought actions for damages and injunctions before the Courts, to prevent the disclosure and misuse of sensitive information and breach of covenants. We have a track record of successfully obtaining undertakings, injunctions and damages for our clients. Our network of contacts extends across Europe and further afield; meaning that however and wherever your business interests needs protecting, we will be able to help.