Asset Finance

As traditional bank debt becomes increasingly difficult to source, whether as a consequence of credit appetite or regulatory constraint, asset based lending is growing in its importance as a mainstream corporate financing tool. We have been active in the asset based lending market since the 1980s and our ABL finance practice handles debt funding transactions, whether for the borrower or funder, of all manner of asset based lending transaction, whether straight forward invoice finance or more complex whole balance sheet structures. We have for many years been actively involved in many of the more significant deals acquisition financings transacted in the North of England utilising an asset based finance approach.

Because our lawyers have experience in the business restructuring environment, they also have a deep understanding of the pitfalls that can trip up the unwary and the commercial flair to structure transactions so as to minimise such risks without interfering with the underlying commercial realities of the deal. That understanding enables us to guide our clients between the theoretical problems and the real issues and to differentiate between the two.

Our Specialists