Anaerobic Digestion

As part of its commitment to a zero waste economy and meeting the UK’s renewable energy targets, the government has promised a huge increase in anaerobic digestion (AD). Its “AD Strategy and Action Plan” sets out its strategy for helping to meet EU targets for renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill diversion, while investment in AD is earmarked in the National Infrastructure Plan.

UK’s potential for AD

“The UK produces approximately 7 million tonnes of food waste per year and about 90 million tonnes of animal slurry and manure that could be used for anaerobic digestion.” -Defra

We advise clients at the leading edge of the UK’s investment in AD, biogas and other waste treatment and renewable energy infrastructure. We have advised TEG Environmental on a number of AD projects, including the ground-breaking AD project at the London Sustainable Industries Park, Dagenham, London’s first AD plant and the first project to receive funding from the UK Green Investments. We have also advised local authorities on the procurement of AD facilities as part of residual waste projects and organic waste contracts, and our clients include waste contractors, technology providers, energy companies, utilities and members of the food and drinks industry. Our Renewables, Energy and Resources Group comprises 25 specialist solicitors across the full range of issues affecting the AD sector and the wider renewables, resources and energy sector. We advise on all aspects of AD projects from inception to delivery.

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