Acquisition Finance

Our Acquisition Finance Team offers depth of experience in the full range of debt funding transactions, for borrowers, lenders and sponsors. Our Team advises across all types of corporate acquisitions, both in the private equity market and where corporate borrowers are funding acquisitions with debt finance. We are used to dealing with all kinds of funding solutions from leveraged finance to asset based lending. We have for many years been actively involved in many of the more significant deals transacted in the North of England.

By their nature, leveraged deals fall towards the riskier end of the lending spectrum. Because our lawyers have experience in the business restructuring environment, they also have a deep understanding of the pitfalls that can trip up the unwary and the commercial flair to structure transactions so as to minimise such risks without interfering with the underlying commercial realities of the deal. That understanding enables us to guide our clients between the theoretical problems and the real issues and to differentiate between the two.