Review of enforcement agent reforms

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On 22 July the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) published an update on its review of the implementation of enforcement agent reforms designed to simplify and improve transparency around enforcement practice in England and Wales. Please see our earlier briefing for more detail about the reforms.

Following a call for evidence which closed early in 2019, the MoJ is now considering recommendations for further reform, including improving the process by which people can make complaints against enforcement agents and the potential independent regulation of enforcement agents – particularly with a view to ensuring that vulnerable debtors are treated fairly. The MoJ will engage with enforcement industry stakeholders over the summer before setting out additional proposals.

On the same date, in a move to curb aggressive bailiffs, the MoJ announced that body-worn cameras will be made compulsory for High Court Enforcement Officers and certified enforcement agents (although not County Court bailiffs, which are outside the scope of the MoJ’s review). The date for implementation of this new rule is still to be confirmed.

Walker Morris will continue to monitor and report on key developments.