Increased demand for Renewable Projects

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Recent Government amendments have provided greater certainty in the support mechanisms for renewable energy projects. As a result, Walker Morris’ Renewables, Energy and Resources Group is seeing a growing demand for renewable energy projects across the board, including solar, wind and hydro schemes of varying sizes.

Both new entrants in the sector and existing players are not only looking for operational assets but also sites for development, preferably with planning permission and grid connection in place but many developers, in the right circumstances, are now taking on sites without such consents in place.

Looking into the potential of existing sites (whether land or buildings) for use in renewable energy schemes is another avenue open to receivers looking to maximise income from their portfolio. We have a range of clients interested in acquiring or taking a lease over suitable sites, and we can also advise you on some of the key issues to consider in determining the value of sites.

Even if projects have been considered in the past and rejected owing to development costs being too high, with lower deployment costs (e.g. solar PV panel costs have halved in the last few years) landowners are being encouraged to look at their portfolio again to see if projects are now viable.

There are clearly ongoing challenges, with grid connection and planning permission still remaining difficult in some areas but, with our team of experts, we can guide projects around some of the common pitfalls.