Grandparents to share parental leave

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Those rumours were true…the Government has now confirmed that, from 2018, working grandparents will be able to share parental leave and pay.

There will be a public consultation during the first half of 2016 which will address the logistical and practical challenges of making further changes to a system that is still in the ‘bedding down’ stages for many employers. According to Government figures, nearly 2 million grandparents have given up work, reduced their hours or have taken time off work to help families with childcare and there are around 7 million grandparents involved in childcare in the UK. Whether these figures translate into swathes of grandparents actually taking shared parental leave remains to be seen. As the changes are still at least 2 years away, there is no call for immediate action although some employers may be interested to follow or even contribute to the public consultation next year.