In-House Regulatory Restrictions – a discussion paper

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Last month, the Legal Services Board (LSB) published a discussion paper entitled ‘Are regulatory restrictions in practising rules for in-house lawyers justified?’ Richard Moriarty, Legal Services Board Chief Executive is quoted, as saying:

“Some in-house lawyers are thinking about innovating and expanding their reach. The Legal Services Board is concerned that unnecessary restrictions on their ability to do so may have the potential to impose costs and red tape, frustrate choice and adversely affect access to justice. With over 25,000 in-house lawyers in England and Wales it is important that any restrictions on their practice be clearly justified.

Through the paper, the LSB invites regulators to explain their approaches and the evidence for any restrictions on in-house lawyers. They also seek feedback from all interested parties on the impact of current approaches to help identify possible areas for improvement.

Click here for a copy of the paper. The closing date for responses is 24 April 2015.