New food labelling scheme – call for evidence launched

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On 13 September 2021, Government launched a call for evidence on a potential new food labelling scheme the intention of which is to promote high animal welfare and food standards. The call for evidence builds on commitments made during the passage of the Agriculture Act 2020 through Parliament.

The new food labels would help customers identify and support high welfare standards and to choose more easily to buy products from British farmers and producers. Government hopes to gather information on the potential scope, regulation, format and enforcement of a new labelling scheme, as well as the actual welfare standards that might underpin it, building on the existing voluntary assurance schemes in the UK. All evidence will be used to inform future policy proposals on labelling for animal welfare, and will also feed into a wider review of food labelling to inform Government’s Food Strategy White Paper.

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The call for evidence is open for 12 weeks and closes on 6 December 2021.