The Five Steps to Success – new food and drink export guidance from the FDF and FDEA

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‘Exports – Five Steps to Food and Drink Exporting Success‘ was launched by the FDF and FDEA on 26 April 2017 at an export breakfast for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Food and Drink Manufacturing in Parliament. It is an updated version of their first guide which was published in April last year.

Currently, according to the FDF, only one in five of the UK’s food and drink manufacturers export which it says presents a massive untapped opportunity for the industry. The guide encourages current and would-be exporters to think about the core elements of the export process, answering key questions, and providing useful tips and relevant contacts:

  • step one – Is now the right time to export?
  • step two – Do your research
  • step three – Create opportunities
  • step four – Export practicalities
  • step five – Growing exports.

According to industry figures, food and drink exports reached a record £20 billion in 2016, while branded food and drink exports grew 11.5% to £5.2 billion. The Food and Drink Federation has set an ambitious target to help grow exports of UK branded goods by a third by 2020. For the full report and guide please visit the FDF website.

WM comment

Following Brexit, new opportunities may arise to export different products and food and drink manufacturers should be ready to take full advantage.