Changes to food labelling approved

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Following the UK decision to leave the EU, Government launched a consultation into changes that would be required to food labelling regulations to ensure that food labelling standards would be maintained following the UK’s departure, either without a deal or in the absence of a common approach to food legislation at the end of the implementation period.

Most of the changes are minor technical fixes, for example correcting references to the EU or Member States. However, more substantial policy changes were required to:

  • The Honey (England) Regulations 2015; and
  • The Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water (England) Regulations 2007.

Currently the Honey (England) Regulations 2015 require that the packaging for honey must show the country of origin of the honey or, alternatively, where the honey is blended, it can be labelled as ‘EU’, ‘non-EU’ or ‘EU and non-EU’. In future, blended honey will need to bear the label ‘a blend of honey from more than one country‘ or similar wording.

The Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water (England) Regulations 2007 implement a range of EU legislation relating to bottled water including strict requirements relating to the necessary composition and characteristics required to allow them to be sold as natural mineral waters. Government has decided to roll over recognition of EU natural mineral waters for six months following Brexit in order to maintain import stability and business continuity and the regulations will be amended to reflect this position.

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