Review of advertising rules relating to products high in fat, sugar and salt

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The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has launched a review of the rules that have been in place since last year governing the advertising of food and soft drinks that are high in fat, sugar and salt in non-broadcast media. The advertising rules were introduced in an attempt to curb concerns over children’s diets and reflected the fact that children’s media habits have changed due to the growth of online environments.

The rules include:

  • a ban on the inclusion of adverts for products high in fat, sugar and salt in children’s media and other media where children make up 25% or more of the audience
  • a ban on adverts for products high in fat, sugar and salt, targeted at younger children, from including licensed characters and celebrities popular with children.

The review will include an assessment of compliance with the rules, the economic and other impacts of the rules and the regulator’s success in securing changes to or removal of adverts which are found to be in breach of the rules.

WM Comment

Contributions to the review are requested by 31 July 2018 and CAP will publish its conclusions in the autumn. We will report on any changes or additions to the rules.