Co-working spaces set to rise

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New research suggests that the growing phenomenon of co-working, where workers can rent desk space and access communal office facilities is set to rise rapidly over the next 3 years growing globally by just under 1m in 2016 to nearly 4m in 2020.

Whilst co-working is a practice most commonly used by freelancers, the trend is reflected in the employment market by practices such as home-working, remote-working and flexible hours. Ever developing technology enables employers to become more innovative in their employment models and many find that the sense of empowerment it gives to employees is reflected in productivity and loyalty.

A word of warning – the sheer pace of change makes it doubly important to ensure that contracts of employment, staff handbooks, IT usage and security policies, data protection and encryption practices and policies remain relevant and fit for purpose. This is especially the case where employees are storing and processing confidential, personal or price-sensitive data off-site or on their own devices. A good question to ask is ‘what would happen and how exposed would the company be if employee x left their laptop on a train?’

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