Pensions regulator issues report outlining auto-enrolment failings

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The Pensions Regulator has issued a report outlining how it dealt with an employer that failed to meet its auto-enrolment deadlines and registration. The report, which named the company, gave details of an inspection which revealed that some employees had been enrolled up to 3 months after the company’s ‘staging date’ leading to a failure to pay pension contributions totalling £108,000. The report highlighted weak governance and lack of compliance support noting, in particular, that the compliance notice issued by the Regulator had not been brought to senior management’s attention.

Key points for employers to take from the report are:

employers should ensure they have sound governance structures in place to support compliance with auto-enrolment duties and to ensure accountability at board level
employers experiencing difficulties in meeting their auto-enrolment duties should contact the Regulator to discuss their situation
employers should test their payroll systems well in advance of their staging date to ensure they are able to fulfil the auto-enrolment requirements.
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