COVID-19 Digital Solutions Grant

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Following the government’s decision to require all but essential workers to stay at home, the NHS has made available COVID-19 digital solutions grant funding of up to £25,000 for each company which devises digital support solutions for those people who need to stay at home, in particular the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating.

The purpose of the funding is to enable each company to develop or test their proposed solutions.

The funding scheme is known as the Tech Force 19 challenge and digital support solutions in the following areas are sought:

Remote Social Care

  • finding healthy and qualified carers who can provide support for those in need
  • managing and delivering care in care homes
  • delivering domiciliary care and technology in the home.

Optimising Staffing in Care and Volunteering Sectors

  • recruiting, training and certifying of doctors and nurses and professional carers
  • volunteering – recruiting and triaging volunteers into clinical and non-clinical workers
  • projecting demand for health and care workers across the country to improve deployment and management of resources
  • tackling data gaps in the care sector to understand the financial sustainability and needs of care businesses.

Mental Health

  • discovering and delivering mental health services
  • accessing relevant and inclusive peer 2 peer communities
  • supporting self-management of mental health and well-being
  • facilitating employee well-being.

Any company interested in meeting the challenge and seeking funding can express interest by submitting a short online questionnaire found at

Applicants will be assessed based on (i) solution feasibility; (ii) company credibility; (iii) impact; and (iv) digital maturity.

Applications need to be submitted no later than 1 April 2020.