Annual return replaced by confirmation statement

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The annual return is to be replaced by a “confirmation statement” from 30 June this year.

The confirmation statement will fulfil the same purpose as the annual return with the difference that this time the onus is on the company to check the existing record and to confirm that this is still correct. If it is not correct, the company will need to submit details of the changes to Companies House together with the confirmation statement.  Whilst in practice there will not be too much difference from the filing of the annual return there are some points to note:

  • the introduction of the confirmation statement coincides with the introduction of the new Persons with Significant Control Register, about which we have written previously
  • the filing period for the confirmation statement is 14 days from the anniversary of the previous confirmation date, compared with 28 days for the filing of the annual return
  • unlike with the annual return, there is no fixed date every year to which the confirmation statement must be made up. Companies may make a confirmation statement at any time provided that no longer than 12 months elapses between confirmation statements.

Walker Morris comment

The introduction of the confirmation statement should not prove troublesome. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said in respect of the PSC register.  If you are unsure how to comply with your PSC obligations please contact us.