Draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

European Union Map with UK removed by pencil eraser, concept of Brexit as Britain vote to leave Print publication


On 14 November 2018, the UK Government and the EU Negotiation Team agreed the draft Withdrawal Agreement on the UK’s exit from the Union, accompanied by a draft outline of the Political Declaration on the future of the UK-EU relationship.

The draft agreement can be found here.

The withdrawal agreement covers:

  • the UK’s ‘divorce settlement’ (approx. £39bn)
  • the future for UK citizens living in the EU, and equally, EU citizens living in the UK
  • how to avoid the return of a physical border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland when it becomes the frontier between the UK and the EU

The shorter draft political declaration has also been published.

This expands on the political statement issued alongside the draft Withdrawal Agreement and reiterates earlier announcements.

The UK Parliament will be asked to give their approval to the deal on Tuesday 12 January.