Stuart Counsell

  • Director
  • Non-Executive Board Director
Stuart Counsell - Non-Executive Board Director at Walker Morris LLP.

Stuart was appointed as the first Non-Executive Board Director at Walker Morris and has knowledge and experience of operating at the highest level in the professional services industry.

Prior to joining Walker Morris, Stuart spent over 30 years at Deloitte, during which time he held a variety of senior management positions including Managing Partner of the 17 UK Regional offices and latterly Managing Partner Finance and Legal. As Managing Partner Finance and Legal, he was responsible for the financial and legal aspects of a £2 billion professional services business. In this role Stuart was heavily involved in the firm’s continuous systems improvement and acquisition programmes. Stuart also spent time at Deloitte as Deputy to the Chief Executive with a specific mandate around operational excellence improving Deloitte’s engagement terms, pricing, cost reduction and offshoring.

In their words

"I've seen at first hand the strong service and performance culture at Walker Morris and I'm pleased to be part of their ongoing growth and success."