Other services we offer to schools


  • appointments of governors
  • decision making, powers and vires
  • roles, responsibilities and duties of governors and trustees
  • implications of the dual roles under Companies and Charities Law
  • role of company secretary.
  • Other structures

Alternative structures to academies including Foundation Trust Status, Free School Trust Status, co-operative schools and studio schools.

We can offer you support and advice on admissions, including compliance with the Admissions Code and Admissions Appeal Code. We can also assist with associated student issues.

Voluntary aided schools
We can provide additional advice on VA specific issues including the funding of capital costs, ownership of land and buildings, employing staff, admissions, and the implications of being a faith-based school on admissions, curriculum and other policies.

Employment/pensions advice
We can offer support in relation to all aspects of employment law including employment contracts, TUPE, TPS, LGPS and other HR related issues including disciplinary and grievance procedures, equal pay, equality, wrongful and unfair dismissal claims, redundancy.

Support on negotiating and entering into commercial contracts e.g. for support services like maintenance, catering and cleaning, grant and funding agreements, community use agreements, dual use, shared services, service level agreements, consultancy appointments, IT contracts. We can also advise on compliance with EU procurement regulations, joint procurement, income generation through photovoltaics and similar schemes, the implications of the Priority Capital programme for successful schools as well as advising on the implications of existing PFI and BSF contracts.


  • regulation by the DfE as principal regulator
  • compliance with DfE’s regulatory requirements
  • regulation and compliance with Companies Law
  • compliance with Charities Law as an exempt charity
  • Freedom of Information obligations
  • Health and safety obligations

Property/land/property litigation
Property issues and documentation relating to sales/acquisitions of land and property, leases, licences, easements, bank security matters including environment and planning law services and property related disputes.

Construction/construction litigation
Support and advice on negotiating and entering into building, construction, refurbishment contracts as well as collateral warranties from the professional team and other related contracts.

Commercial dispute resolution
Difficulties or disputes with contractors providing services at your school and disputes generally from third parties.

Ancillary advice
Other commercial support services e.g. intellectual property, taxation and licensing.

Training sessions
Training packages e.g. Director’s duties and responsibilities, employment law, procurement and commercial contracts and can also offer bespoke training if you have particular needs which are not met by our packages.