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What is a smart legal contract?

As the digital world evolves, terms such as NFTs, smart contracts and blockchain are making their way into the mainstream but what do these terms actually mean? And how can they benefit you, your work or your company?

In the third video in our series, Sally Mewies, Partner and Head of the Technology & Digital Group, explains everything you need to know about smart contracts.

A smart legal contract is…

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This video forms part of our #WMTechTalk, a series of content tackling some of the crucial tech and legal issues our clients encounter in relation to the development, implementation and operation of technically innovative services and products.

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How we can help

Please contact Sally if you have any queries about the points covered in the video or need any advice or assistance.

Our Technology & Digital experts are well placed to advise on all aspects of commercial agreements, disputes involving blockchain and other technologies and any concerns from a regulatory perspective.

For a more detailed look at smart legal contracts, read Sally’s latest article “Smart legal contracts: An explanation and practical advice”.

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