#WMTechTalk webinar series

Welcome to our #WMTechTalk. Hosted by our Technology & Digital Team this series of webinars tackles some of the crucial tech and legal issues our clients encounter in relation to the development, implementation and operation of technically innovative services and products and artificial intelligence (AI). For ideas on future webinar please contact one of our specialists below.

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International Data Transfers Post Schrems and Post Brexit- a practical guide

03 February 2021, 12.00pm – 1.00pm (GMT)

This Webinar will give an overview of the developments in International Data Transfers in the last six months and provide some practical guidelines and tips on how to navigate the complexity.


Sally Mewies, Partner, Head of Technology
Christian Brundell, Associate, Regulatory



Previous events

Monitoring employees at home

We had already seen an increase in the number of employees working from home, but that has accelerated as a result of the Pandemic. Many employers are asking themselves, “what are my responsibilities for employees whilst working from home from a health and safety perspective?”, “Can I monitor their working practices whilst at home?” and, “Can I force them to come into the office for certain meetings or on certain days?”. Members of our HR and Data teams considered these and related issues in this webinar.

Watch the webinar here.

Intellectual property rights and AI – who owns the clever data?

Intellectual Property law inevitably lags behind the pace of technology evolution. The World Intellectual Property Organisation is consulting on how to manage Intellectual Property Rights in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions and a recent case suggests that AI cannot register a patent as it is not a legal person. As more of these tools evolve and are deployed it is vital that businesses understand the IP risks and issues in using these tools, particularly in relation to the ownership of what they generate including data which may be commercially sensitive or critical for a business maintaining its competitive advantage. Members of our Tech and Digital team will consider the state of play in relation to IP rights in AI tools and data and discuss what the future may hold – using their own intellect not an artificial one!

Watch the webinar here.

Avoiding risk in the cloud

We continue to see an increase in businesses turning to Cloud based solutions and they are an important part of many businesses’ technology and digital strategies. Their importance has only increased as a result of the role they play in artificial intelligence solutions. Buying these services involves balancing risk and  cost effectiveness. Protecting data and ensuring security is a key concern for all businesses. This webinar led by our head of Tech and Digital, Sally Mewies, will guide you through some of the risks of buying Cloud and how to mitigate them.

Watch the webinar here.

Blockchain: Smart contracts – will I have to write one?

With all the excitement around artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is easy to forget about blockchain technologies and all the potential they have in the financial services sector and supply chain. This session will go back to basics on Blockchain and how it works, and will look at the concept of a Smart Contract and consider how Smart Contracts may affect the work of lawyers and contract managers.

Watch the webinar here.


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