Webinar: The impact of COVID-19 and Brexit on supply chains

10 September 2020, 12.00 – 12.45pm (BST)
Webinar (free)

Businesses worldwide are facing an array of supply chain disruption and complexities. Having had a degree of forbearance the first time round, further disruption due to a second wave of COVID-19 may now be seen as a predictable event. The contractual protections that were previously available, may no longer be effective.

The key to avoiding disruption and supply chain disputes will be in the preparation, ensuring that contract terms are robust and allow parties the flexibility and protection they need.

Our specialist lawyers are providing a free webinar which will discuss trends in contracting and the global supply chain, offer practical tips on assessing contract risk and advise on the steps needed to protect organisations.

Topics will include:

  • How do we balance supply chain efficiency with supply chain robustness?
  • What are the knock-on effects of COVID-19 on contractual relationships/logistics/warehousing going forward?
  • How should we set up our supply chain differently to ensure our business is robust and prepared, moving from just in time to just in case/ What are the key terms we have to renegotiate?
  • How do we deal with management of contracts (frustration, force majeure) in the context of COVID-19 and Brexit

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