Webinar: Stopping departing employees taking confidential information and competing

27 January 2021, 12.00 – 1.00pm
Webinar (free)

How can an employer prevent or at least deter its employees from taking confidential information? When can employers seek injunctive relief? What steps need to be taken when seeking an injunction?

When employees leave an organisation they may have access to a wealth of information which the business regards as confidential.

Generally, the best way to protect organisations is to include confidentiality clauses and restrictive covenants at the time of employment. However, if an employee threatens the business by breaching post-termination restrictions, then while court action may be a last resort, injunctions can be a very powerful tool for limiting the damage.

As speed can be key in these circumstances it’s important for in-house legal and HR teams to be prepared.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Are your employment contracts robust enough?
  • In what situations is it appropriate to consider using an injunction?
  • When and how can they be used?
  • Do they work and what are the likely outcomes?

Our team

Our team of specialist lawyers are experienced in successfully advising clients throughout the entire process of business protection from drafting restrictive covenants, obtaining interim injunctions through to enforcing injunctions and trial. Our lawyers understand the process and recognise that each situation has its own specific circumstances and commercial realities and have the experience to be able to discuss the various options with you and the likely outcomes.

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