Environmental liabilities – do you know your risk?

Walker Morris LLP, Kings Court, 12 King Street, LS1 2HL
Tuesday 29 January 2019
4:00pm Registration opens
4:30pm Seminar begins
6:00pm Seminar ends, drinks and networking

Are you aware of the environmental responsibilities and potential liabilities that apply to your business?

  • Do you produce packaging?
  • Do you use packaging, or sell packaged goods to consumers?
  • Do you produce waste? Or are you a commercial landlord with a tenant that has a waste related business?
  • Is your business looking for investment or preparing for a sale? Do you have a clear picture of your environmental performance and potential liabilities
  • Have you got a handle on emerging environmental issues and how they may affect your bottom line?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your business could be exposed to environmental liabilities. However, many businesses are unaware that fines for environmental offences are: i) now often unlimited; and ii) will be based on a percentage of turnover. This means businesses could be exposed to much greater fines than ever before.

There are a myriad of businesses and sectors which have faced the consequences of environmental non-compliance – from landlords who face liability if their tenant produces waste and becomes insolvent, to investors, whose portfolio of  businesses are subjected to increased scrutiny on the environmental performance of their investments and any potential liabilities that may affect the value of the business. .. Regulators are increasingly ‘ruthless’ in enforcement, whilst consumers and investors expect increasing environmental compliance and performance.

In this seminar we will be uncovering the world of environmental liability and offences and how these apply to a wide cross sector of businesses, some of which may not be aware of these potential issues. We will be drawing on our practical experience to highlight how risks can be minimised, with resulting financial and reputational benefits for businesses.

Environmental Offences and Liabilities – Alison Ogley

  • examining the changes in environmental liability and criminal offences and the potential implications of non-compliance including the rise in financial penalties.

Environmental Liability and Environmental Forensics – Bev Parrish

  • including how environmental forensics are used, the techniques, and how they can assist in a range of circumstances, including damages and insurance claims, regulatory issues, disputes and transactions.

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