CITMA Webinar – Why is everyone talking about AI?

Tuesday, 18th Aug 2020, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Free webinar from CITMA

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Gain insight into how the technology of artificial intelligence (AI) works and the impact it could have on you.

Learn from Walker Morris’ AI expert Matthew Lingard, about the rapidly growing area of AI and what it means for you.

This practical introduction will give you insight into how the technology of AI works and how it is being used in professional services.

Matthew Lingard will also discuss the effect it is having on all IP professionals and share his practical tips for working with AI in the IP profession.

Don’t miss the opportunity to understand AI technology and its impact on the future.

Learning outcomes

  • To provide a beginners guide to what AI is.
  • To consider why AI is considered useful.
  • To provide practical advice on how AI is and will be used by IP professionals.

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