CR Policy

What Corporate Responsibility means to us

Corporate Responsibility is something which should be of concern to all businesses. For Walker Morris CR is about managing our business in a way that enhances the positive and minimises the negative economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities and services. We aim to combine the provision of high quality commercial legal advice to our clients with a rewarding working environment and an awareness of the wider community.

CR requires balancing the interests of our stakeholders who include our clients, our employees, the local community and relevant regulatory bodies. Our stakeholders are fundamental to the success of our business and to achieving our vision of the responsible delivery of legal services by highly motivated employees working with clients to produce commercial and cost effective solutions. Our CR policy builds on the values we hold as a firm for the benefit of all our stakeholders, and guides us in making a positive social impact.

Responsibility for CR performance rests with all partners and employees throughout the firm. This policy is designed to guide and inform the decisions of everyone at Walker Morris.

Responsibility for the delivery of our CR commitments is headed by two partners who involve and engage with employees across the firm on CR activities.

This policy is an integral part of our core business strategy and is reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.

Our Values

Our culture

We encourage a collaborative approach in all of our relationships whether within the organisation, with clients or with other advisers. We believe that striving to improve our client service is consistent with creating a friendly and supportive working environment. Clients enjoy working with motivated and friendly colleagues. We aim to provide a creative environment where our employees are offered the freedom to think and to apply their technical skills. We encourage teamwork throughout the firm and in our relationships with clients.

Our partners are committed to being ‘hands-on’, allowing everyone in the firm together with clients to tap into the extensive experience of the partners in their respective specialist fields through practical application of the law in a commercial environment.

Our clients

Our clients are at the core of our business. We put their interests first so that we can better understand how we can make the most material contribution to their success. We take pride in looking after our clients and aim to provide a professional, cost-efficient, accessible and responsible service, adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards in all our dealings.

We work hard to maintain our national reputation for strong multi-disciplinary teamwork and straightforward advice. We aim to combine sound legal judgment with undoubted commercial acumen.

We continue to develop a centre of excellence which engenders the nurturing of close, long-term relationships with our clients.

We have the capacity to support our clients’ national and international requirements.

Our staff

We work hard on talent engagement so as to attract, retain and develop highly talented people throughout the organisation. We value diversity in the workplace and expect and promote mutual respect and understanding between people with different personal situations or backgrounds. We define diversity as differences of race, national origin, religion, cultural background, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as differences in work abilities and capabilities.

We believe in caring for our employees and are committed to delivering a competitive and fair employment environment and the opportunity to advance.

We believe continued learning is important for all our employees, and we strive to ensure that everyone in our organisation has ready access to development opportunities at all times.

Walker Morris in the community

For Walker Morris, CR extends well beyond just writing a donation cheque to a charitable cause. The firm is dedicated to being a responsible contributing member of society, seeking to build strong relationships with the local community and act as a good neighbour.

Charitable giving and volunteerism are part of the Walker Morris culture, and our employees are making a difference through local involvement and corporate activities – partnering with community organisations, business and government, schools and workforce development programmes designed to make a difference to people’s lives.

The firm is proud of the contribution made by employees to CR programmes and aims to encourage and facilitate the growth and development of CR projects by the firm. The success of a CR policy is dependent on the contribution made by individuals and all employees throughout the firm are encouraged to consider how they can participate.

Our CR policy outlines our support for a broad range of activities in areas such as pro bono assistance, sponsorship and the arts, charity and community work. Participation is both by individuals and as a firm and typical activities include:

  • providing pro bono legal advice to charities and not for profit businesses
  • supporting initiatives aimed at assisting businesses in the Yorkshire region
  • volunteering in community projects
  • supporting and sponsoring community work by employees
  • sponsorship of the arts
  • view our latest projects here.


All businesses should act with respect and consideration for the environment. We are taking steps to minimise our impact on the environment through reduction of waste and energy consumption. We encourage all our employees to consider the effect of their actions on natural resources.

Our goal is to be not only conscious of, but also responsible in the way we deal with our environmental impact.