Oliver Duke

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When working out which law firms to apply to I found the independent single site firms to be of greatest interest. Walker Morris’ independent model and hands on training approach was a fantastic platform for my career; I became a corporate partner in May 2020.

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At Walker Morris you have access to a lot of training and supervision from partners and senior colleagues. However, you are also given the opportunity to lead on negotiations from an early stage in your career. Although this can feel daunting at first it really enables you to understand the fundamental areas of negotiation and importantly, what the key concerns and areas of risk are for your clients.

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An interest in me

I had partners and senior colleagues guiding and teaching me wherever possible. With everyone in the same office you have the ability to forge relationships and build up internal business relationships that few law firms can offer these days. This was invaluable to me in my career progression and ultimately joining the Walker Morris Partnership.

Walker Morris People

Great people

My colleagues and team members have always been encouraging and happy to help at all levels. We are encouraged to discuss the issues faced on transactions with other team members which really helps to broaden your prospective on matters. Although you work hard and the hours can be long at times, the social side of Walker Morris and the genuine people that make up the firm mean that it is a great place to work. In addition, Leeds is a great city where there is a lot of fun to be had.

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High quality work

The clients and work are brilliant. I focus on the private equity space with a lot of overseas clients and the work we do is complex, interesting and satisfying. I always learnt best when I was doing work rather than being lectured, so the responsibility along with the supervision offered at Walker Morris was the perfect learning environment for me to develop and grow my career. Looking back I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the WM training contract to any aspiring lawyer.