Oliver Duke

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At university, I thought a single site firm would work best for me, and it has definitely proved to be the case. After completing my training contract and qualifying in to the Corporate department my goal is to make partner at Walker Morris. With everyone working in the same office, I feel as if my chances of achieving this are very good.


At Walker Morris you have access to a lot of training and you always have supervision from partners and senior colleagues. However, you are also given the opportunity to run your own matters and lead on transactions from an early stage in your career. Although this can feel daunting at first it really enables you to understand the fundamental areas of negotiation and importantly, what the key concerns and areas of risk are for your clients.

An interest in me

The partners and senior colleagues really take an interest in your career and you really get a sense that they are trying to guide and teach you wherever possible. At Walker Morris you are given the opportunity to carve out a successful and exciting career for yourself.

Great people

Team members have been encouraging and happy to help at all levels. We are encouraged to discuss the issues faced on transactions with other team members which really helps to broaden your prospective on matters. Although you work hard and the hours can be long at times, the social side of Walker Morris and Leeds is great and you really feel part of a close team.

High quality work

The level of professional support has been fantastic and has encouraged my hands-on approach. I personally learn best when I am doing work rather than been lectured, so the responsibility we are given is the perfect learning environment. This ethos was applied to my training contract and has continued through qualification to my current position as a director .