Andrew Maclean

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The quality and level of supervision stands out as a particular highlight so far for me. At Walker Morris, trainees physically sit in the same room as their supervisor and this is something that I believe has contributed significantly to my development.

The relaxing environment of the Walker Morris Cafe

Positive environment

Walker Morris is a lot friendlier and a lot less political than I thought it would be. Everyone is down-to-earth, straight-talking and approachable.

people talking in the Walker Morris cafe

Client contact

I have worked for Bank of Scotland and Asda, both of which have contributed to my commercial awareness. When assisting on a matter for large clients such as these, you are forced to consider the commerciality of decisions on a daily basis.

Walker Morris Social Evening

Great social side

I have been impressed by the social side of Walker Morris. The summer party is a particular highlight for me.

Walker Morris colleagues in the cafe

Helpful colleagues

When faced with a particularly difficult research problem, people are willing to have a chat, kick a few ideas around and give you a steer in the right direction.

Walker Morris Working Floors

Better systems

As I didn't study law at University, I had less of an idea of which departments I wanted to sit in and where I wanted to qualify compared to my peers. The six seat system has definitely allowed me to broaden my horizons.