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Recruitment is increasingly competitive, which means it’s harder for firms, as well as students, to hook up with the right people. Students often ask us how to make their application really stand out. It’s not an easy question to answer. There are no black and white answers. Particularly for Walker Morris. That’s because, unlike many other firms, we’re not looking for trainee clones. We’re looking for individuals – which is why your individuality needs to come out in your application form. Have a look at the points below and perhaps this will help you.

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Applying online

Check the form before you press ‘send’. You’d be surprised how many online applications have typographical errors, spelling mistakes and sentences that don’t make sense.

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Think first

Plan out your application beforehand so that it’s concise and your key achievements are highlighted. Ensure the content is structured and makes sense, we are looking for logical thought in lawyers so ensure this comes through on the form.

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Not one size fits all

Tailor your application according to the firm. We can easily spot the application forms that have been churned out the same to every firm. Don’t use cut and paste. You need to show you really want to apply to a firm and why.

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Get it checked

Once you’ve completed your form, ask someone to check through it, not just for mistakes, but to see whether your application is a true reflection of you and your personality. Does it sound interesting? Is it a good read?

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Dig deeper

We’re looking for dynamic individuals with drive, ambition and dedication. We need to see that in your application, so it’s very important to talk about your extra-curricular activities. But, don’t just list a lot of sports and travel experiences, for example. It’s more interesting to say why you did certain things and what you got out of it. What makes you tick?

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Be choosy

It’s often more effective to pull out just a few of the more interesting challenges you’ve faced and achievements you are proud of. Concentrate on telling us about these rather than trying to include absolutely everything.

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Make the time

Unfortunately, application forms do take quite a bit of time to complete. So make sure you know the deadlines and give yourself lots of time. Our deadlines are 31 December for vacation placement applications and 31 July for training contract applications. If you have any further questions which are not covered on the website, then please contact us on

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