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Do you accept applications from non-law students?

Yes, we prefer to recruit a mix of candidates with strong academics. Approximately 30% of trainees starting each year are non-law graduates.

Can first year university students or graduates apply for a training contract?

You should apply two years before you wish to start your training contract so it would be too early for first year students. However, graduates may of course apply but please be aware it will be for two years in the future.

If I have previous legal experience, can it count towards my training contract?

Generally, we would say no. We prefer our trainees to undertake the full two years training in order to get broad experience in preparation for qualification.

Your firm offers training seats of 4 months rather than 6 months like most other firms. Why is this?

We very much believe that trainees should receive a good grounding in all aspects of law in order to make them rounded and experienced lawyers. By offering more seats trainees get to experience different work, often in niche areas, and meet different people in all departments. Trainees agree that this gives them a good look at all the different areas of law which enables them to make a better decision about the area in which they would like to qualify at the end of the two years.

I wish to apply for paralegal work. Is this possible?

Yes, please send in your CV to hellograduates@walkermorris.co.uk

I have passed the Bar Vocational Course exams and wish to change direction to become a solicitor. Would you consider my application?

Yes, just fill in the application form but make it clear your reasons for changing direction.

How do you feel about taking a year out?

We see this as a very positive choice to make, getting out in to the world, exploring new places and different cultures can only benefit you. Think about how these experiences will make a valuable contribution to your application. The only advice that we would give is – have a good time!

I haven’t had any work experience yet in a law firm. Will my application be down graded because of this fact?

No. We find that students often feel obliged to undertake vacation placements every year, or as often as they can, because it will look good on their CV. For us, this doesn’t matter. Vacation placements are good for you because they give you a good look at different firms. It also gives the firm a chance to interact with you. However, if you have done something else very interesting or challenging, we would prefer to see that on a CV rather than a long list of placements in law firms each year and nothing else. So, be creative, enjoy yourself and do what is best for you.

Is there an age limit for applicants?

No, but please state in your application details of previous jobs and reasons for career change. If there isn’t room on the form, then please send a separate CV or include continuation sheets.

If I previously applied to WM, can I apply again?

Of course, but you will need to complete a new application form.

Do you specify which electives trainees should take at law school?

No, you may sit whichever electives you prefer although we recommend the commercial options because they may serve you better once you start work.

Do you have a preferred institution for the LPC/PGDL?

We are in partnership with BPP Law School, BPP are based in nine city centre locations, you can decide which one you attend.

Are there any opportunities to spend a seat outside the firm on secondment?

Opportunities do sometimes arise for trainees to spend a seat amongst some of our clients. These can prove to be very beneficial so if an opportunity comes up we inform the trainees who apply for that seat if they are interested.

Do you pay fees and maintenance grants?

We pay all the PGDL and LPC fees plus a maintenance grant of £5,000 each year.

Will you consider applications from students without A-levels but other equivalent qualifications?

Yes. We would ask, however, that you specify grades and, if possible, include the grading scale applied to the qualifications to allow us to assess your application fairly.