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At Walker Morris we appreciate how important it is to provide services which offer real added value.

Reach is our free, secure extranet service for clients that provides you with a portal into our:

  • Time recording system: view all billed and unbilled work in progress recorded on all matters ongoing with you
  • Knowledge database: legal know-how captured by our lawyers and professional support lawyers
  • Alerter service: tailored to your areas of interest, we deliver email bulletins alerting you to new legal know-how. Information is tailored and relevant to your needs
  • Lawyers: access to our specialist lawyers across the firm with biographies, photographs and contact details.

Reach gives you a portal into your organisation’s:

  • Team: Each individual at your organisation has their own private site and you can see your team’s contact details through your Reach portal
  • Files: You can elect to have your files, advice and documents stored and delivered on line to your private site. This can be developed on a bespoke basis to enable document rooms/virtual deal rooms to be run on individual projects
  • Know-how: The security of Reach enables you to publish your own know-how to Reach either for your own use or to share with lawyers at Walker Morris, or even with other clients.

Walker Morris clients can have direct access to time records, at agreed billing rates, updated daily, providing complete transparency on fees showing all billed and unbilled work in progress on all matters, and which lawyers are working on them.

We provide budgetary control via our Reach+ facility; a new way to plan and control legal spend. At the outset of each matter an overall budget is agreed along with an estimated accrual rate. Reach+ then monitors work in progress and any unexpected variation from the planned accrual, or any imminent excess, is automatically alerted to the Walker Morris partner.

You can quickly identify from the graphs how the overall spend is accruing across a range of matters and identify any ‘hot spots’.

For more information on  Reach or Reach+ contact: Sarah Eastwood  or  complete our online registration form here.