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Keeping Trade Moving

In uncertain times, our clients ask us one question more than any other. Can we? We want to continue trading overseas – can we? We want to grow our business internationally – can we? We want to be able to move goods, services people, capital, data… can we?

How can in-house counsel help to overcome obstacles to international trade and provide their businesses with practical advice on keeping good, services and people moving across borders? What should the legal role in international trade be in 2019 and beyond?

Join our annual in-house lawyer training day which addresses these key questions faced by in-house lawyers. We will examine today’s circumstances, tomorrow’s possible scenarios and provide practical advice on keeping businesses moving. Find out more about our in-house lawyer training day here.

Our #keepingtrademoving series of publications offer practical advice to in-house counsel on how to simplify getting things to where they need to be.