Are you the target of a fraud investigation?

If you or your organisation are under investigation by a regulatory authority in connection with an alleged fraud, we can advise and represent you at every stage of the process. The following authorities undertake criminal fraud investigations:

  • FCA
  • HMRC
  • SOCA
  • Police
  • SFO

Our expertise will cover you in the following circumstances:

  • Search and Seizure – making sure the investigators do not overstep the parameters of their powers and advising on all steps of the raid process, including preservation and disclosure of evidence, confidentiality, legal privilege etc. Each regulatory authority has its own powers and limitations. Walker Morris can help ensure investigators do not overstep the mark.
  • Representation at interviews under caution – protecting your right not to self incriminate. Legal representation is crucial to ensure you are aware of your rights and assist the authorities in their investigation, but without unwittingly making costly admissions.
  • Advice on giving and the contents of any witness statements you may be asked to provide.
  • Representation at all stages of criminal proceedings.
  • Litigation – bringing or defending asset recovery measures.

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